Typically, the player itself loads the cover from the existing operational databases. This happens during recording the CD. Once the player finds the appropriate entry in the online database, it automatically loads not only multimedia data but also the very artwork.
True, in some cases, the cover of the album may be missing. In this case, you can configure it manually on your choice. The image will be embedded directly in the music file, this integrated file will be displayed as the cover.
To start with select the tab "Library" then go to the album that has no cover. Select the image on your favorite song, select it and right-click. After click "Copy" (image can be in BMP, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, or GIF).
Go back to "Library" and use again the right mouse button to paste the cover of the album. In this integrated and scaled to a suitable size copy of the image will be in each of the music files of this album.
By the way, adding a few albums of one artist, determine any uniform coverthat can act as a card of the whole collection.
For particularly creative there is an option create audio favorite coveralbum. Open Photoshop and draw how in your opinion should be issued an album, write the name of the band or artist name, name of album, do not forget to specify the date of its release. These data are needed not only to fill in the picture, but that after some time you failed to find your desired song is not in the picture of the cover (you can forget), and the release date of the songs or their names.