You will need
    • Ice molds according to your taste
    • water
    • serviceable refrigerator
First prepare the water that you will freeze. In order to maintain health do not use water from the tap. It contains too many impurities and harmful substances such as chlorine. So use a water filter to purify the amount you need. Usually filtered water is fit for consumption without further boiling. But in order to best protect yourself, boil the water. You can buy in the pharmacy distilled water. But its recommended to boil. This will facilitate the removal of air bubbles, dissolved in water, and, hence, the ice will truly transparent.
Take shape for ice. They can be what you just like. Usually in a standard plastic refrigerator ice cube maker, sockets which have a square shape. If nothing suitable at hand, you can even use the candy packaging. They obtained ice is the original form, echoing the silhouette of the candy. In addition, such packaging made of thin plastic, easily allow you to shake the ice container.

Modern manufacturers offer many options for ice. It can be mold for ice in cups for spirits, forms ice in the form of diamonds, and even forms reminiscent of figurines to "Tetris". The imagination has no limits. Pour chilled water prepared in your chosen form.
If the ice is for cocktails for a fun party, you can vary the type and even colour your ice cubes. Put in a cell, for example, fresh mint. You can use peppermint pastilles, chocolate dragees, coffee bean in order to decorate the ice. Dilute with water, cherry juice, tomato, Apple, orange - any artificial dyes is not necessary. You can "tint" your ice even with the infusion of strong tea, e.g., black or hibiscus.

When all processes are completed, place the container of ice in the freezer. Give form content completely frozen. After that the ice you can use.