You will need
  • Computer, app TuneUpUtilities, Internet access
To know the socket connection of the processor in two ways. The first method is the direct opening to your computer documentation and look at the section "Motherboard". In this section, and is a socket connection to the CPU. Difficulties can arise in the case if you bought already assembled computer. In such cases, it is not always granted to technical documentation for each komplektujushhie separately.
If you do not have proper documentation and you can't use the first method, the second method will definitely suit everyone and help to define the socket of the motherboard. Download the app TuneUpUtilities. The app is a paid app but it has a trivial (trial) period of use (up to 15 days). Run it. Wait until the program scans the system. After scanning you will be prompted to optimize the software and fix bugs. Agree by pressing OK, in any case can not hurt.
After scanning you will be taken to the main menu. Note the four sections that are in the top window of the running application. Select the partition Fix proвlems. A window will appear with several points. Click Show system information, then a menu appears with the options all connected to computer equipment.
In this menu select the tab System devices. A window will appear with settings for the motherboard and processor. Find Socket. To the right of this paragraph and will contain the information about the socket that is equipped with computer motherboard and version of BIOS and the latest date of update. In some versions of the program TuneUpUtilities can also be information on the CPU models that are suited to this type of socket and the motherboard. Note that each motherboard comes to processors or AMD, or INTEL.