Sheepskin has quite a thick coat, part of which eventually begins to fall out. Therefore it is not recommended to use them instead of bedspreads. Such skin will find great use in the bedroom near the bed or chair. Sheepskin to pamper bare feet, putting them on a soft cloth. Sometimes the skin just enough to shake, thereby clearing away debris and dust. Do not forget about the cleaner that you will also help in cleaning.
Before washing these things there is always the danger that you can ruin it. The most important rule when washing sheepskins – in any case do not use hot water, it may damage it. Use special or any other liquid detergent (this can be shampoo or liquid dishwashing), previously dissolved in water, whose temperature should not exceed degrees. Do not use washing powder or soap containing chlorine. Soak the skin for 15-20 minutes, periodically flip to the other side. Dirty water drain and rinse the sheepskin under slightly warm water to remove all detergent. Recommended to dry at room temperature, away from heating devices.
Sheep skin can be clean of dirt in the washing machine. To do this, place the "hand wash", the skin fold in a special washing bag and place in the drum. The water temperature should be 30 degrees, use a liquid detergent that can be poured into the drum itself. After washing, dry the sheepskin naturally, avoiding direct sunlight. Comb the wool with a wire brush or a special brush for animals, which you can buy at the pet store. After washing, the volume of sheepskins can be reduced by 5-7%, the reverse side of the skin will become tougher. In order to soften, knead the skin with your hands.