Advice 1: How to start the car with a gun

Imagine that you have just purchased a new car with an automatic transmission, and up to this point, never with guns was not the case. How to shift gears — there is no question, however, how to start the car with a gun that can make a beginner think.
How to start the car with a gun
You will need
  • A car with an automatic transmission.

When you get in the car, the first thing you need to fasten the seat belt and press on the brake pedal with your right foot.

Then make sure the shift lever is in one of two positions: P (Park) or N (neutral). Without releasing the brake, insert the key into the ignition, turn clockwise until you hear a click — should turn on devices and turn on pump (you will hear a faint buzz).

In a second main part of the warning lights on the instrument panel will go out. Now you can short movement to turn the ignition key further clockwise. Then, when the starter works, the key must be let go. The car started up, now it is possible to smoothly release the brake pedal.
Switch off the ignition only when the shift lever is in P position (parking).

Advice 2 : How to start car with automatic transmission

Cars with automatic transmission shifter (automatic transmission) start differently than those with mechanical transmission. Significant differences, however, the manufacturers have taken care to learn was just.
How to start car with automatic transmission
You will need
  • A car with automatic transmission.
Carefully read through all operating positions, which translates the select lever range (RVD) transmission cars with automatic transmission. They are accompanied by alphabetic and numeric symbols.
Remember, in some of these provisions are allowed to start the car. They are usually denoted by the letters P (from the English. parking – Parking) and N (from the English. neutral – neutral).
Move the selector lever range in zone P. This condition of the transmission corresponds to the long-term Parking. Controls turned off. The output shaft is blocked. Movement is impossible, but the engine start is permitted.
Start the vehicle. The engine will run at idle.
Turn the selector to position N. In this case the output shaft is not locked and the car is able to move. For example, it can be towed. Also in this position of the lever range are allowed to start the engine.
In any case, before you attempt to start the engine always check the position of the select lever range. Learn what types of positions RVD is invalid if the factory car. This R (from the English. reverse, or reverse). And all (four or more depending on the brand of machine) of the zone moving forward: D, 3, 2 and 1 (L).
Trust your own car. As a rule, cars with automatic transmission are equipped with a passive safety system. It does not allow the motorist to start the engine in the other positions of the selector except P or N.
Get a car with automatic transmission with tow. Install the selector lever in position N, switch on the ignition and immediately start the tow. To achieve the desired oil pressure in the transmission is cold the car will accelerate to a speed of 30 km/h, heated to 50 km/h. After 2 minutes at the specified speed turn selector switch to mode L or 2. Press on the gas pedal. In order not to overheat the transmission in a few seconds, return the selector switch to position N regardless of, revved or not. Try again, after passing some time in neutral.
Similarly, you can start the car, which stands on the hill. Put the lever in position N and push the car downhill. Once she gets enough acceleration, switch the lever to downshift and hit the gas. Return the selector to neutral position regardless of the outcome.
Please note that the car with automatic transmission can be towed at speeds not exceeding 30 km/h on distance up to 50 km.
Keep in mind that manufacturers of cars with automatic transmission do not recommend having them with the pusher. It is believed that the automatic transmission car fails.
Don't forget that at the idle engine of the vehicle are not working power steering and power brakes.
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