You will need
  • Authoritative sources of information.
To add your own articles to begin to make sure that this header does not exist. You can use the search by resource or type in your browser address type:"Название_темы".If you are looking for the article, it appears the link to "Create article".
After clicking on the link will open an edit window where you enter all the necessary data. The proposed text should be in tags. View the edited page can always be viewed by clicking on the button "preview".When editing, remember that the article should be encyclopedic in nature. Moreover, all data should be verified by the relevant sources, otherwise the article is flagged as questionable. There are generally accepted rules by which are regulated the minimum level of significance of the article. All materials povestvuetsya third-person, scientific style, in sequence. All the phenomena are described in a neutral manner. In Wikipedia there are a number of templates that can simplify the process of writing articles.
After the article is checked, and all links and pictures feature, click on the "Write page". After that, the page can be considered established, and it will appear in Wikipedia.