You will need
  • - straw, sunflower husks or sawdust
  • - mycelium
To grow the mycelium of the oyster mushroom, provide the room, which will grow mushrooms desired parameters of temperature, light and humidity. Unlike button mushrooms, oyster mushrooms are not as demanding to the exact observance of these characteristics, but the optimal combination will allow to obtain higher yields.
Prepare the substrate, which can be straw, sunflower husk or sawdust. Chop the substrate to sizes of 2-5 cm using an industrial shredder. At home this can be done with an axe. To grow mushrooms on the whole substrate, but in this case increases the time of germination.
Now swipe to the heat treatment of the substrate. For this straw lay in bags (polypropylene) and lower them into the heated up to 70?With water. To the bags were completely covered with water, put them on the bends. Soak the bags with the substrate in hot water for 3 hours, after which hang them for 12-15 hours in order to drained the excess water, and cool the substrate.
The next stage is very important if you want to grow the mycelium of oyster mushrooms and to a good harvest. Before sowing mycelium disinfect all utensils that you plan to use, as well as gloves, which will work. Conduct disinfection using formalin solution. The temperature of the substrate before sowing should be less than 30?C.
Tear off part of the mycelium and mix evenly with the substrate in the proportions of 300 grams of mycelia per 10 kg moist substrate. Place the planted substrate in a plastic bag and tightly tie it up. In order to drain excess water, make the bottom of each bag with two sides of the hole. In this case, the substrate can rot. Packed the bags with the substrate, seeded with mycelium of oyster mushrooms, place in an incubator in which the temperature is maintained between 18 and 22?C.
During the incubation period, which lasts 14-20 days, the temperature should be stable, humidity 70-80%, illumination is not required. 3-4 days after sowing of mycelium to do with both sides of the bag in a checkerboard pattern at an equal distance from each other 5-6 vertical cuts through these openings will grow mushrooms and they must not interfere with each other. After 2-3 weeks you will be able to gather the first harvest.