You will need
  • - a wooden plaque;
  • - the knife.
For making a simple pinwheel prepare materials – a plate with a width of 2.5 cm and a length of 10 cm and a sharp knife. Using a knife, gently astrogate the plate from the center point towards the edges of the left and right so that the sides you get two thin plates that are each in relation to each other at an angle.
Round the ends of the boards, so the design was more like a propeller and became more aerodynamic. Then in the middle of the blank for the propeller drill a small hole and insert the treated wooden stick – axis.
The tip of the axis inserted in the hole of the propeller, lubricate the glue. The length of the axis should be 15 cm. Wait until the glue dries, and then in the open space quickly loosen the axis of the propeller between your palms, then release the propeller. It needs to go up.
Also, the propeller can be done not only from wood but also from paper or paperboard. Take a square of thick paper in half and cut the corners, leaving the center of a square solid. Fold the corners of the square to the center using one, and the tips of the center pin with a pin, which in turn put on the stick-axis.
From the blow of the wind the propeller immediately starts spinning, and make it even a child can do – to create a paper propeller does not need special knowledge, and you will need only scissors and paper. Homemade turntables can be a great toy, and can serve a practical purpose, you are blowing air in the hot summer weather.