Advice 1: How to find a job as a bookkeeper at home

The work of an accountant at home is one of the types of outsourcing. And like any outsourcing, it has its advantages to both the employer and the accountant. If you feel confident the numbers, transactions and accounts, you can try yourself in the role of the incoming accountant.
How to find a job as a bookkeeper at home
To find the job of bookkeeper at home, you should first identify the range of potential employers. The fact that not every firm can effectively cooperate with the incoming accountant. A successful and convenient for both parties cooperation depends at least on three factors:• the volume of commercial transactions for the month
• the number of employed personnel at the enterprise
• taxation system, which is firm.Because usually these matters are managed by one accountant, the range of employers with whom you may potentially work is limited to small firms, representatives of the so-called small business. More details to identify the employers difficult, since no objective criteria could not be strictly crucial.
Post an ad in the newspaper with the text "Accounting services". Experience shows that the search for employers will be initially difficult, but then, according to the laws of word of mouth, if you zarekomenduete himself as a detached professional, you will offer the work of the entrepreneurs themselves.
If the initial finding customers is not very smooth, try to get a job in the accounting outsourcing firm. Work it will give you at least two useful skill for the future. • First, you will gain experience of such work, which will be expressed as communicating with clients, and in parallel the accounting of several companies that for bookkeeper at home is quite a valuable quality. • Second, you will acquire Dating and relationships with leaders of small businesses and entrepreneurs, and learn how to communicate with representatives of the tax authorities, as contact with regulatory agencies is also usually the responsibility of the accountant. With such experience and connections in the future will be much easier to find a job of an accountant at home.
How to find work at home. Personal experience. Print version. But everything is in our hands. Perhaps your current employer will do you assignment, if you allow specifics of your work. But you can remind relatives and friends that you want to work at home and possibly somebody could use your service.
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A large percentage of these users were trying to find work at home to improve their financial situation and working conditions. This is not surprising! Work from home via the Internet has obvious benefits: working from home, the person receives at least some freedom from the system”, he need not live on a schedule, every day to go to work and do not perform what is in the soul, it is possible to choose interesting projects and earn money!

Advice 2 : Is it possible to work with your accountant remotely

Remote work is currently more popular. There are pluses for the worker: it is not necessary to go to work, your work schedule, etc. and the employer: not necessary additional working place, no need to pay sick leave and vacations, etc. Have a profession, when not necessarily constant presence in the office. These include accountants, programmers, etc.
Is it possible to work with your accountant remotely
You will need
  • is a computer with all the accounting programs
  • - knowledge, experience accountant
Some people for various reasons it is much easier to work at home: the presence of a small child, big distance to work, the need for a flexible schedule, etc. Not all duties can be performed remotely, some specialties require a presence in the office. If you only choose their profession and want to work remotely, you can consider options such as programmer, accountant, web designer and others.
To work as a accountant remotely, you must have knowledge of this case and preferably experience in a traditional office. People working in a different field, is unlikely to become a bookkeeper at home.
If you studied to be an accountant, worked for a while in the office, you have a very good chance to work in this specialty at home. You can take special courses, where you will get the basic knowledge and skills, and the rest will learn in the process, but in this case it is not necessary to take something serious, but better to fill his hand on the small companies and individual entrepreneurs.
As a good option if you already work for a company accountant to negotiate with the boss about your working remotely. You'll just conduct all the Affairs at home, pre-installing on your computer all the necessary programs and databases. And in office will come only when necessary - to take/to give the documents and to resolve disputed issues that cannot be discussed over the phone.
You must understand that an accountant is not only a filling in various declarations and certificates but also periodical trips to the tax, submission of quarterly and annual reports. In this work it is also necessary to take into account the new changes in the laws, i.e. to constantly evolve, learn new information, etc. and of course, work with numbers requires a special mindset.
A great advantage of working remotely as an accountant is that you can take multiple companies - it just depends on your capabilities and performance, and earn much more than in the office.
Remote working accountant can be found via the Internet or special Newspapers, there are many different proposals. Because employers, especially small companies, is much better to have a free-lance accountant than a full-time unit.
When working remotely, if you never officially signed up, you are employed.
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