Way to connect hard drive to mother Board depends on its type. Today there are two main types of hard drives: IDE (or ATA) and SATA (or Serial ATA). The SATA interface was developed in 2000 and is considered to be more perfect.
When connecting IDE drives, you need to know the location and function of controllers. On the mother Board, there are two IDE controllers (primary and secondary), each of which can be connected to two devices (master and slave).
The master device (typically the hard disk from which Windows is loaded) is connected as primary master, the second device is connected as the primary slave (slave). Likewise, connect the third and fourth devices.
For direct connection of devices to the motherboard using an 80-pin Flex cable is yellow (there are 40-pin ribbon cable gray color, which is due to low data transfer speed, not recommended). Connect the hard disk with one of the controllers on the mother Board. On the rear panel of the drive, you must select a connection mode – master (or DEVICE) or slave (or DEVICE 1). It is important to remember that if you are connecting to one controller, the drives must have different connectivity modes, i.e. one of them must be in master mode and the second in slave mode.
After connecting the ribbon cable remains connected to the drive power, for this you can use any of the many cables coming from the power supply.
For connecting SATA drives on the mother Board there should be a corresponding connector, it is much less than the IDE slot and has the appropriate inscription (SATA). Connect the hard drive SATA connector with a special cable. No switches, unlike IDE, there's no need to install. To connect power, also used a special cable supplied with the hard drive.