You will need
  • Phillips and flat thin screwdriver
But do not rush to the nearest store for shopping for a hard drive. First you need to figure out what kind of hard drive you need. From the time you bought the computer in may was more than a year, and during that time could change standards for connecting internal and external peripherals. HDD exactly what happened, the old IDE standard were replaced with modern Serial ATA – SATA abbreviated, it ensures transmission of information with greater speed.
SATA connector
Where can you see a connector for the hard drive you have? Option one: locate the manual to the motherboard of your computer. If it is difficult to do because all the boxes out of the apartment after the repairs were discarded for their uselessness, and the instruction was most likely lying there, then go through the second. Before you despair, the motherboard you have, it is in the system unit and is the basis for everything else (CPU, RAM, hard disk, etc.).
IDE connector
To access the motherboard, remove the system unit or install it in order to have access inside it. To see the available connectors on the motherboard is better from the left side of the system unit. There is the front side of the motherboard, and the right side of the system unit is the back part of the motherboard. It connectors available. See which cable is connected your hard disk. If it's a wide cable (about 5 cm), this connector is of the older generation of IDE, if narrow (about 1 cm), SATA.
IDE and SATA cables
With your hard drive sorted out, now look at the place where the cable is connected on the motherboard. As a rule, the IDE connectors on the motherboard, there were two, but due to the possibility of parallel connection of one data cable-IDE two devices can connect four devices. It optical drives (CD and DVD) and hard drives. If these two connectors and installed one optical drive and one hard disk, at least you can connect two hard drive.
The IDE connectors on the motherboard
But with the advent of the connectors of the new standard, the old is not gone, motherboards transitional period are available as connectors IDE and SATA. On modern motherboards single IDE connector remained, but much more SATA connectors (6-8 pieces), one SATA connector can connect to one device, look for them on the motherboard. If they are then your new hard disk will be faster to exchange information with other devices that will increase the performance of your computer in General. It is now possible to shop for a hard drive.
The SATA and IDE connectors on the motherboard
To install it, connect the loop data-an IDE or SATA cable to the motherboard. Find the cable with the power connector for the hard drive. They are also different, depending on the kind of hard disk. Connect the connectors to the hard drive and that the drive is install to available free space on the "shelf" below the main hard drive. Connect the hard drive screws or install it on the latch, depending on the type of fastening on the "shelves" of your system unit. Install the side panel of the system unit to the place and enjoy the opportunity to keep on your computer even a library of data.
The connect a hard drive