You will need
    • wine vinegar;
    • white wine;
    • whey;
    • olive oil;
    • garlic;
    • parsley and cilantro;
    • spices.
Rabbit meat is a bit stiff, so it is advisable to marinate. In the process of marinating it will become soft, and will not have the smell of rabbit. Marinating can be replaced by soaking in water. The soaking will also improve the taste of the meat and get rid of the smell. Rabbit meat is soaked from one hour to three, depending on the amount of meat.
There are several ways of marinating the rabbit.

In wine vinegar.

Dilute vinegar in cold water so that the water had a faint smell of vinegar. Put the rabbit in the prepared marinade for three hours. The marinade should completely cover the carcass of the animal. After three hours remove the meat from the marinade and rinse under running water. There is one drawback to this marinade – the vinegar destroys not only bad odor, but the natural flavor of the meat. For young rabbits this method is not suitable.
In white wine.

This is the perfect kind of marinating. Wine completely relieves the rabbit meat from the peculiar smell. Perfectly softens the meat and gives it a unique flavor. Of wine you need to take so much that the meat was completely covered. After marinating the meat can not be washed in water. This will give a cooked dish an unusual taste.

Basically, this method is used for marinating the hares, but for the rabbit it is also suitable.
In olive oil with garlic and herbs.

Take 3 -4 tablespoons of olive oil and mix with 3 heads of chopped garlic. Add chopped parsley and cilantro. RUB the rabbit with this mixture and put it in the fridge for three hours. Before cooking the garlic and olive mixture needs to be shaken from meat.