You will need
  • PVC panels, utility knife, level, glue.
Preparation of walls. At this stage you need to prepare the walls of the toiletand for subsequent plating with plastic. The preparation is quite simple – mix a degreaser in the water and then carefully wash the walls. Rinse with a dry cloth foam from the walls and allow the surface to dry completely.
Measure the height of each wall and cut some panels of appropriate length. Securing the first panel on the wall, carefully apply it with glue (best fit "Moment Montage"). Press the panel to the wall, after which put it on a vertical level, using an appropriate tool.
For more reliable fixing of starter panel should stand for 30-50 minutes. After this time you can proceed with the paneling of the room. For clearance angles is recommended to use special plastic parts for panels.
After the walls are decorated, let's get to the roof trim. If you are planning to install spotlights, you can also stick a panel on the ceiling. If you wish to install these accessories, you need to assemble the frame.
Look down from the ceiling of 10-15 cm (lamp height), and pull on the perimeter walls of the bypass profile at this level. In the guide groove of the profile, insert the metal longitudinal profile 60 mm and secure it with screws on each side. Later in the frame panel can be attached with glue and with screws to metal, called in professional language.