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  • the contract of donation
The contract of donation, according to the current civil law in Russia, it is impossible to "terminate", it can only "cancel". But the term "termination of the contract of donation" quite often found in legal terminology. Termination this contract may occur for a number of reasons. This occurs when the donee has committed an illegal act of attempt at life of the donator or members of his family or to the person in whose name signed the contract of donation, inflicted bodily injuries to the donor. Also the contract is terminated, if the one who was given the thing, treating her inappropriately, for example, so that it can be destroyed. The gift can be returned when the contract of donation stipulates a clause stating that the giver gets the thing back if he survives the donee person. Another reason to cancel the contract of donationis as follows: if, after signing such a contract and the transfer of the property to the donee, the donor changes drastically for the worse financial situation. This usually happens when the subject of donation is the living space.
How to cancel the contract <b>donation</b>
In addition, the contract of donation may be cancelled at the personal request of the person this gift was intended. Only to refuse necessary before the transfer of property to a new owner.
How to cancel the contract <b>donation</b>
Also the law provides other options to cancellation of the contract of donation. This can be, for example, the recognition of invalidity of the transaction. This often happens when under a contract of donation trying to disguise the transaction of purchase and sale.
How to cancel the contract <b>donation</b>
The contract of donation can be considered invalid and in this case, as the fact that the donation is provided only after the death of the donor. Also, if the text of the Treaty there is mention that the donee receives a gift for what he in exchange makes some action at the request of the donor or the donor had to sign a contract, but did not register it, the contract is easy to cancel. Therefore it is necessary very carefully to observe the terms of filling out, signing and registration of the agreement. And also remember the fact that if people wanted to donate, so it is good for you, and so behave towards him and his gift should be very cautious.
How to cancel the contract <b>donation</b>