You will need
  • Computer, a sound card, the program PC Wizard, Internet
You can try to determine the model of the sound card, without using any additional programs. Open "control Panel" and launch "device Manager". In group "Sound, video and game controllers" there will be a line with approximately the same name: "the Device with support High Definition Audio. Click the right mouse button and select "Properties".
Click on the tab "Information". Select "hardware ID". The string from the "Value" field (the first if several) copy to the Google search bar (or any other search engine). It is highly likely that the search results will display not only the model of the sound card, but also other useful information. Unfortunately, not all sound cards are able to find exactly what was required.
More laborious, but more reliable method requires the use of one of the programs is designed to obtain information about the computer's configuration. Most often used AIDA64, SiSoft Sandra, PC Wizard, HWiNFO32, but there are many other less known tools. Download software (such as PC Wizard
Install it (needs administrator rights). In the process of installation, removing the check boxes to not install a toolbar for search engine his presence on the program functionality is not affected. Run PC Wizard. If necessary, switch to Russian interface: select the main menu "Tools", "Options", in the list of languages (on the right), select Russian, and click "OK" and restart the program.
On the tab "Hardware" click the icon "Multimedia". Opposite the item "Audio Device" will be listed the model of the sound card. Click on this item. In the window "Information" will display information about manufacturer and technical specifications of the sound card.