You will need
  • calculator, the value of the number π = 3,14 , the value of the radius r and Central angle α taken from the conditions of the problem.
First you need to decide the main concepts. A circle is the set of all points plane that are at a given positive distance from some given point of the plane, called the center of the circle (point O). Arc - part of circumference islocated between two points A and b of this circle, where OA and OV radii of this circle. To distinguish between these arcs, each of them mark an intermediate point L and M. Thus, we obtain two arcs ALB and AMB.
The arc of the circle determined by a Central angle ?. Angle with vertex in the center of the circle is called its Central angle. If the Central angle is less than straight angle, then its degree measure is equal
?, and if more straight angle, 360° - ?.
How to find <em>length</em> <strong>arc</strong> <b>circle</b>
So, the arc of the circle defined by the radius of the circle r and Central angle ?. Knowing these two values, it is easy to calculate the length of the arc L by the formula:
L = ?r?/180
where ? is a numeric constant equal 3,14.
Substituting in the formula values ?, r ? and using a calculator you can easily calculate the length of the arc L.