Most often, the house used gas for cooking, water heating and space heating. Whatever the objectives, either as gas in your apartment, be sure to install the gas meter. By doing this, you will pay only for the actually used amount of fuel. Payment over the counter is always profitable flat-rate prices, which is folded from the calculation of consumption maximum quantity of gas family.
Cooking dinner, stick to recipes meals. Always do it is this fire that is suitable for this stage of preparation. Immediately after boiling, reduce the burner power almost doubled. Ensure that the flame was strictly under the bottom of the pan or pans. As you know, the hottest part of the flame is concentrated on its tip. If the flame goes around the bottom, pulling the sides of the pan, most of the heat goes into the air and is wasted in vain.
If you use gas to heat water, buy special dividers on cranes and economical nozzle on the shower. A comparison between the bath filled with and a one-off session in the shower, in the first case, you use up water 5 times more than in the second. Now imagine how much gas is saved, when you just take a shower instead of having to dial a full bath.
Heating the house with gas without savings you just might be screwed. Insulate thoroughly the walls, Windows and doors. Only a centimeter gap under the door vystudoval the room so that the flow rate of warmed it rises immediately to 5%. Arrange furniture so that it does not obstruct radiators. Between each radiator and the wall, place the foil shield, which will reflect heat into the room, not giving him the opportunity to escape the cold of the wall.
Do not leave the Windows ajar. If I need ventilation, open all Windows wide for a few minutes. So you admit clean air into the room, not vystupiv her. Reduce the night temperature in the apartment. In a cool room you'll sleep better, and at the same time to save gas.
Saving gas is good because you don't degrade the quality of your life and even improve it to some extent. Overboiled soup and showing through the Windows the cold air can not be attributed to elements of the Suite, making life more beautiful. Thus, organizing intelligently your life, you will receive a significant financial bonus, reducing gas consumption by 30 and 50%.