The chance to move to England have high-level professionals, investors, businessmen, and, of course, spouses of British citizens or permanent residents. Spouses of citizens or permanent residents of England can move to England, having visa for spouses, but on the condition that the applicant for this visa (spouse) can work in England.
England welcoming to highly skilled professionals: qualified specialist with higher education, listed overseas, sufficient experience and high financial status who knows English can move to England according to the program Tier 1 General (HSMP). About the program details can be found on the website of the visa center of great Britain: The experts who come on this program, have the right to work in UK to build your business, register the company, including offshore.
Private specialist also has a chance to move to England - if you have a job offer from a British employer. You must also have a work permit issued by the UK Department for employment and be able to provide for themselves and their family (if she moves in with you) financially.
In England can also move entrepreneurs, if they can invest not less than 200 thousand pounds of equity in any company in England. Those who do not wish to go into business, however, has the ability to invest in the UK economy at least 750 thousand pounds, can move to England as investors.
To move to England and being a student. To do this, you must be enrolled in a full course of study in an English University and pass it. Together with the student can also move his spouse. It should be remembered that England equates to spouses and partners in civil marriage.