You will need
  • - the passport;
  • one colored photo 3,5x4,5 cm;
  • - documents confirming the availability of funds;
  • - certificate of employment;
  • - proof of hotel reservation or invitation.
Decide the purpose of their trip, for a term and select the desired type of visa. Nominal will depend on the list of required documents and visa fees.
Prepare the necessary documents. To avoid problems with obtaining permission to enter, check their list at any visa centre personally or by telephone, as it is individual. Usually it includes the current and old passports, proof of your financial capacity, certificate from the place of work, picture, as well as documents confirming the purpose of your trip (hotel reservations, tickets and invitation). If you have reason for urgent visa, gather evidence of this fact.
Translate documents. For each document on a separate sheet must be accompanied by its translation in English. It must also be dated the date of the transfer, the name, surname and signature of the translator, confirmation that the text matches the original. The transfer may be made by any person, only speaking English.
Complete the immigration form and assign the date and time you visit the visa application centre. To do this, go to the website, log in, select the type of questionnaire purpose of your trip, and fill it in in English. Then print and sign your application form that you will need to provide to the visa center together with the other documents. Select the desired date of visiting the visa application centre. After these actions, the specified e-mail will receive a confirmation of the selected time.
Come to the visa centre on the specified day for 15 minutes before the scheduled time. Hand your documents in the right window in turn. Then pay the application fee, the amount of which depends solely on the type of visa. It can be paid only by Visa or Mastercard, cash not accepted.
Hand over biometric data, which include photographing and fingerprint scanning. In this case, the hands should not be of temporary or permanent drawings, wounds and cuts.
If your documents will satisfy the staff of the British Embassy during the designated time you will receive back your passport with stamped visa in it. And if not, a passport and an explanation for the refusal.