You will need
  • The tape, mirror, paper, pen.
Take the measuring tape or any flexible tape. Making her mark, you will be able to recalculate the data with a ruler.
For the most accurate determination of the sizeand the head you need to wrap the measuring tape at a distance of 1.5-2.5 cm above the eyebrows, just above the ears and through the point at the back, which will give you the greatest circumference.
Further, if the circumference is not enough to determine the sizeand measure the distance from the crown to the edge of the headdress front (16 cm), rear (17 cm) and sides (21 cm). Latest scoop (21 cm) shoot from the top of the head at the temporal part. Then determine the distance from the earlobe to the middle of the back of the head (11 cm) (see Fig.) (from the book M. Maksimova "ABC of crochet" Moscow "Eksmo" 2005).
How to determine <strong>size</strong> <b>head</b>
The tape should fit snugly to the head, but not to be tightly stretched.
Measurement it is better to spend a few times to get the most accurate data.
You should consider what purpose the measurements are performed. For example, if measurements are taken for the purchase of a hat or helmet, then there are things, which when worn does not change its size, the measuring tape must be stretched as you will be wearing this thing.
In determining the same sizeand knitted hats measuring tape pull tight because the cap when worn stretched.
The main reference line for measurement is the line of the rim, which is equal to the circumference of the head, therefore, it determines the size of the headdress and indicated on the label.