Of course, over time, the fingers may be slightly modified, but the main characteristics remain.

1. Straight fingers that are the same width throughout its length, characterize the owner as an independent man who does not like to show their feelings and emotions, trying to seem calm but is actually in his / her mind to rage of passion. They have a pronounced sense of justice, they often come to the aid of others, to their own detriment.

2. The shape of the fingers in the form of a triangle, narrow at the ends and wide at the base. These people are too vulnerable, gullible and never will be nothing to disturb their loved ones. People with a triangular shape of the fingers is ready to forgive everything, from small to large transgressions. They are real workaholics, who will not rest until I do everything perfect to the very end.

3. Gnarled fingers, which are clearly visible joints, have people not inclined to sentimentality. With unpleasant personalities and unnecessary things they quickly and easy break up, but hard to tolerate moving from one residence to another, and also work change. Is such a person to meet a reputable person, as it will be implicitly her to please. Such people do not play well with others, I can say directly into the eyes of what I think, do not know how to determine what mood is the source, his feelings and emotions.