You will need
  • - Parchment paper;
  • The ink or ink;
  • Brush or a real pen;
  • - Lighter or matches.
Take the parchment to the right size and apply the appropriate tool (brush or pen) a plan of the area where you buried your treasure. If the treasure imaginary, you can do a fictional island, as do the writers. Don't forget to draw a compass rose and a couple of pointers in the form of skeletons or skulls. The place of the treasure mark with a red cross.
If you want to simplify things and treasure the most that neither is true, then it is not necessary to explicitly specify where the treasure is buried. Think of an intricate system of puzzles, the correct answers to which will lead the seeker to the target, and the wrong will lead to a bad swamp.
As a real platform for treasure hunting, you can use a suburban area or even a city apartment. Hang in trees and bushes (on the walls in the apartment) mysterious symbols prompts and thumbnails draw on the map. Then the card will have to look for clues, checking the plan, and finally find out where you hid your stash.
Younger children offer more simple variant, for example, one side of the card, draw a crossword puzzle. And on the map itself indicate several names – wood, mountains, pits, rivers, etc. (one of these names should be the key word in crossword). As soon as the children solve the crossword, they'll know where there's a box of chocolates.
To make the picture complete, wait until the image dries. With the power squeeze the parchment in his fist. RUB and remember the mapto give it a vintage look. You can sprinkle and RUB the ground. Nadorite the parchment on the edges, and then set fire (to the edge) and quickly extinguished.