You will need
    • The Margarita cocktail recipe
    • approved by the International bartenders Association (IBA).
    • 35 ml tequila
    • 20 ml liqueur Triple Sec or Cointreu
    • 15 ml lime juice
    • salt
    • ice
    • shaker
According to the International Bartenders Association in order to make the perfect Margarita, you need to take the classic champagne glass, wipe the edges with slice of lime, then dip them in a saucer with salt.
In a shaker, mix seven parts tequila, four parts of liquor, three parts fresh lime juice and shake well.
Carefully, trying not to damage salt the rim, pour the cocktail into a glass, garnish with slice of lime and serve.
There are several variations of this cocktail. What ingredients you can substitute in Margarita so that she remained a Margarita? In the first place is the liquor. Even strict IBA are unable to say exactly which of the two French orange liqueurs you need to prepare this cocktail. But this Association usually does not allow such liberties. In principle, in this case, they can understand the difference in taste between Cointreu and Triple Sec to catch non-specialist difficult. Both liqueur made from the finest oranges, and will fully convey the essence of these fruits. Only now, Cointreau is made from fresh oranges and almost colorless, and Triple Sec is made from dried crusts and has a bright Golden hue. Accordingly, the Margarita with Cointreau smoky, due to the tequila and lime, and Triple Sec are bright orange. There is another liqueur to taste, an exact copy of the previous two Mexican Controy. Although he is not listed among the recommended, but if you use it, notice the difference in only a professional.
Royal Margarita can do two great twin liqueur – Grand Marnier French and Italian Grand Gala. Both beverages are made on the basis of aged cognac ( French blend of true cognacs) and oranges. Italian liqueur oranges from Sunny Sicily, French orange essence.
Blue Margarita it's the same cocktail, but with the bright blue liqueur, Curacao. Curacao, despite its intense sky blue, and orange liqueur. It is made from the dried peel of a special type of oranges, growing only on the island of Curacao, alcohol and artificial colors.
In order that Margarita was Strawberry only need to add a puree of fresh or frozen strawberries. Pureed berries by volume should be the same as tequila. To leave the recipe or clean lime juice, everyone decides for himself.
Another conversion of the popular cocktail – Frozen Margarita. Take some ice and replace the shaker to the blender. It's simple.