You will need
  • hydrogen peroxide 3%
  • - antiseptics (Miramistin or 95% alcohol)
  • - oval window clip or a tongue depressor
  • - needle-catheter number 16 or number 18.
  • - earring
Piercing the tongue is one of the most popular types of piercing. Many young people go for this procedure. How good it is: an unusual, erotic, shocking and just very fashionable. In this case, the puncture site heals fairly quickly channel can be delayed for only one day, then does not remain even a trace of the piercing.Before puncture of the frenulum of the tongue guide compulsory treatment: rinse mouth out with 3% hydrogen peroxide solution, pre-dilute the solution with water in the ratio 1:1. Rinse your mouth for 5 minutes.
Then take the earring banana unscrewed the bulb and put in an antiseptic solution for about 15-20 minutes (Miramistin or 95% alcohol).
Identify the puncture site of a bridle of language: the main reference is the center line on the bridle language. The point of puncture should be located in proportion to the midline frenulum under the tongue passing through the bridle.Take the tongue into the clamp, insert the needle-catheter into the puncture site, the frenulum under the tongue. Keep the language with the clip toward the top of the sky and withdraw the needle. Thus, the channel will work at an angle. Puncture swipe from right to left. Earring type into the tube of the catheter from the bottom up. After this procedure again as it should rinse the mouth with hydrogen peroxide solution pre-diluted with water in proportion 1:1.
Care puncture of the frenulum of the tongue during the healing period is a bit more complicated than caring for other types of piercings (piercings). It is associated with the fact that this type of puncture is in contact with all that comes in the oral cavity, for example, with food, drinks, cigarette smoke. This factor may contribute to the irritation, but due to a very high degree of tissue regeneration in the oral cavity, with good care, the puncture will heal even faster than many other types of piercing.Treat the puncture with hydrogen peroxide or miramistina 3-4 times a day.