You will need
  • magnifier 6-fold increase
Reliable conclusion about the authenticity of the diamond can give the expert laboratory that conducts comprehensive diagnosis of the properties of precious stones. Specialists-gemologists to evaluate the diamond in terms of color, clarity, cut quality, thermal conductivity, fluorescence. In the case of the studied stone is indeed a diamond, it's attached to an expert opinion. This document, the owner of the diamond can retain as proof of its authenticity.
In many cities there is still no Gemological laboratories, but to obtain at least minimal information about the authenticity of a diamond it is possible at home. With a magnifying glass look carefully at the jewelry: real diamond, often embodied in the product so that it is easily viewed at the bottom face. In addition, on the lower faces of the diamond under any circumstances you will not see the mirror coating. Otherwise, the stone is a fake.
Examine the appearance of the stone for any visible chips, pitted faces, the presence of internal inclusions. The diamond is the smallest allowable inclusions, all faces and edges should be smooth, clear, no chips or rough edges.
Please note the stone's sparkle. Diamonds shimmer in all the shades of gray, whereas rainbow glitter should give you an idea about fake.
One of the unique properties of diamond is its high thermal conductivity. Breathe on the stone and immediately examine through a magnifying glass its surface. On the imitations of diamond (glass, quartz, zircon) remain vague traces of a genuine diamond of such traces should not be.
If the counterfeit is of low quality, it is easy to determine by rubbing the stone with sandpaper. Due to the unique hardness of this diamond from this contact will not be over. Similar way of testing – a stone to scratch the glass surface. A fake will not be able to leave her scratches, while diamond can handle this easily.
Loose diamonds, place on a sheet of paper with printed text. Through glass or crystal you can clearly see the letters, and the refraction of light diamond of the text will be indistinguishable. Another similar method: direct a beam of light from a small led light on the stone. If, looking from the opposite side, you will not detect the light beam, and instead will notice a light outline around the edge of the stone, then you have a genuine diamond.