You will need
  • - Landscape sheet;
  • - Watercolor pencils;
  • - Watercolor;
  • Images for example;
  • - Tassels;
  • - Sponge;
  • - Photo frame A4.
Take a sheet of paper and a brown pencil, draw a horizontal wavy line so that the top left one-third of the sheet. It will be a coral reef. Then colored pencils, draw the fish – elongated ovals with tails and fins. Let it be a pair of blue-and-yellow fish-angels, orange and white striped clown fish. Use as a sample of photos from the Internet or your own memories of summer vacation. Big fish draw separately, and small flocks.
Draw a family of seahorses (enough to hold a curved line in the form of the letter S). Over the coral reef (where through the water will Shine through the sky) place the jellyfish – hemisphere with wavy spikes on the bottom.
At the bottom of the dark blue and black pencils to draw boulders of different shapes. Paint them over the entire surface the same color. Under one of the stones depict the crab. Figurines marine inhabitants do not exactly correspond to reality, if only there was a certain similarity (to make it clear that a crab is a crab).
Left and right on the sheet of dark blue and green pencils draw a long algae (spend a few vertical wavy lines). Dark red or brown algae draw in a branching deer horns.
Take a wet sponge and printing movements dampen the resulting figure. All lines should be slightly diluted with water. Then take a thin brush and for images of fish, crabs and other marine life add a few colorful touches now with watercolors (strongly diluted with water they do not need).
Using a large brush blotted movements coloured in brown, pale pink and brown spots all coral reef (dilute the paint with water to the color turned transparent). Try not to touch the already painted objects. As you move up the background should become lighter, because on top of through the water the sun is shining.
Paint the space above the coral reef with a light blue color (closer to the center, the lighter, the edges darker). Slightly more saturated blue color, draw small circles – bubbles rising from the bottom to the water surface.
Now you only have to wait until the image has dried, and insert it into the frame. Underwater world is ready!