You will need
    • fresh eggs;
    • water (1 liter);
    • wide pan;
    • vinegar 9% (1 tbsp.);
    • salt (1 tsp);
    • ladle;
    • Cup;
    • food film.
Pour water into the pan, add salt and vinegar. Close the lid and place on high heat, let it simmer.
Join in the preparation of the main product. Eggs, cooked without hard shell are subjected to minimal thermal effect, therefore, they should be thoroughly washed with soap and water. Then dry with a paper towel or cloth and then use one of the methods of cooking eggs-poached.
The first method. Break the egg into the Cup. Proceed carefully, so as not to damage the yolk.
Make under the minimum heating pot, the water should boil barely. Dip it in the water the spoon and start to stir the water so that in the center of the pan began to turn a deep crater. Be careful not to raspleskajte itself to boiling water.
Place the Cup to the water and quickly pour the contents into the funnel. With a spoon turn the egg in the pan, it should not stick to the bottom. Keep protein the rags didn't do shit in the pan and cheat on your product.
Cook the egg for three minutes. Remove it from the pan with a spoon with holes and place on a plate or on a sandwich. The egg ispoached you need to eat hot.
The second method is for those who are not sure will be able to spin the correct funnel. Break the egg into a small ladle. Dip it in the pot.
Cook the egg in the ladle in boiling water. Don't worry that the water gets to the protein. It is easy to then merge.
After three minutes, remove the ladle. Drain the excess water. A sharp knife trim the edges of the protein adhering to the surface of the ladle. Put the ready egg ispoached on a plate and pour the hot broth.
The third way. Line a rimmed Cup with cling film. Break there egg, salt. Tie or twist the ends of the film so that the egg remained inside.
Grab the film tail and dip the egg in boiling water. Leave to cook in plastic bag for four minutes.
Remove the cooked egg from the pan and cut the tape with scissors.