You will need
  • Mounting the knife, a mitre box
You can rely on your eye and cut the product without the help of special devices, "by eye". However, there is no guarantee that the corners of the abutting elements are exemplary.
For a very precise implementation of the required angle will need a mitre box. This is a special carpenter's tool that allows you to control the angle of the cut parts. A mitre box is used for sawing boards, planks, skirting boards, door architraves under fixed angles of 45, 60, 90 degree and custom angles.
Usually a mitre box is a tray, in cross section resembling the letter P, in the side walls which made the through cuts are located at certain angles. These cuts inserts a cutting tool (cutter, mounting the knife). The tool moves along the notches as guides. To make a mitre box you can own from wood of firm breeds. Manufacturing miter box made of plastic or aluminum.
A variant of this device is a turning stuslo. It provides a fixture to hold the part, and the rotating mechanism, allowing you to put any arbitrary angle for subsequent cutting of the workpiece. Swivel mitre box can be used for processing the ends of the baseboardsthat need to be joined at a difficult angle.
Mark the baseboard to length and insert it in the tray of the miter box. Press the billet to one of the side surfaces of the device, connecting a line of a marking with the corresponding slot. For dock corner joints of the plinth will need to make an angle of 45 degrees. Assembly or box cutter gently cut the plinth to slot. Need to cut one strong forward movement, holding the knife vertically.
Similarly treat the second element pair that is to be docked. When you install the baseboard at the place of fastening should first adjust the gusset and then cut the skirting to length.