You will need
  • A mitre box, hacksaw, wooden plinth.
Today there are many models of floor plinths, each of which has its individual style and features. Mostly such products can be presented in two variations: the plastic floor and wooden floor. Joints angles in the sets of plastic products include special elements that allow to strengthen the design without special handling of corners. Wooden plinth (in most cases) do not provide for such additions to the set and require manual adjustment during docking of each corner. To properly gash angle of the floor, you need to perform the following steps.
Despite the fact that for wood, there is a corresponding hacksaw, you won't need it – you have "jewelry". Cutting corners wooden plinth more appropriate will be the hacksaw.
To cut the perfect angle, you will also need a tool such as a mitre box. Mark the skirting for you. Apply the product to the mitre box and washed down with external or internal corner. A mitre box it will allow you to achieve the perfect angle of 45 degrees. You can also use this tool in work with ceiling coving.