Paving slabs laid on sand, gravel or concrete. Conditions of the road surface depends on the substrate type and the thickness of the tiles. Thus the load of the race car can withstand a tile that has a concrete strength greater than 600 kg/cm2 and a thickness of 30-45 mm. The tile must be laid on dry mix or mortar bed, made in the ballast cushion. Tiles, having a thickness of over 45 mm, which is laid on a concrete base that can withstand the weight of the truck.
Laying paving slabs. To start doing the excavation of soil at approximately 150 millimeters in depth. Also carry out longitudinal and transverse layout of the cover section. Be sure to consider the slopes for water drainage. On with the plot runs soil compaction. The most common ways to do this - tamping, rolling, vibrating packing. For curbs shall be made for the excavation of the soil. Produce compaction of the bottom of the grooves for side of the stone. In the groove poured a layer of sand about 5 inches.
Further side stone set in grooves on the concrete pad. If you are on a weak heaving of the soil that perform the spreading and the area of geotextile. This helps prevent deformation of pavements. Then poured cover the surface of fine gravel. Gravel is poured and tamped. When laying paving slabs, which has a thickness more than 60 mm, poured on top of the gravel layer, the moistened sand with a thickness of about 50 millimeters. Align it with Reiki.