Why is it so good to eat nuts

Nuts are a source of valuable substances. They are full of vitamins. Pro-vitamins, rare trace elements and substances that enhance human immunity. In addition, they contain essential oils, proteins and healthy fats. They are very rich in iron. All this makes them very useful and at the same time is very harmful. Probably, for any other item of food will not be so important as to use.

What you need to know to eat nuts correctly

If the nuts are properly and in small amounts, they benefit greatly: are an excellent tool for the prevention of heart attack, improve brain blood circulation, keep blood vessels. Due to the small content of carbohydrates they can include in the diet of diabetics.

Any nuts do not combine well with other foods. It is better to eat them separately or, if desired, to eat with vegetables and herbs. In the latter case, the number of kernels should be reduced. They are poorly absorbed, so do not exceed the recommended norms: more than 100 grams of nuts the body at one time to learn not. Is best for Breakfast or, in extreme cases, over dinner. Another disadvantage of nuts is their high allergenicity.

How to choose nuts that he has benefited

Selection nuts is to carefully. Be sure to check the shell: it must be intact, without damages and cracks. When shaken, the nuts should not rattle and should not be too easy (otherwise, the probability to detect dried or damaged core). From buying nuts with the slightest signs of mold should decisively abandon, because such a product can bring serious and sometimes irreparable damage to health. If you open the shell stands out something similar to dust, nut you also need to throw out.