The use of a Hairdryer with a nozzle-diffuser

Many women have a hair dryer with different attachments. However, not all use the dryer 100%. The diffuser is a disc with vertically spaced "fingers". Nozzle-diffuser arranged in such a way that with the air it curls your hair and gives it volume. With the aid of this nozzle is very convenient to carry to style puffy hair.

First wash your hair and towel dry: water should not leak from the hair. Then apply on the hair fixing mousse: it will help to keep your hair. Roll the hair onto the fingers of the diffuser, but be careful that they are not confused. Position the Hairdryer to the head at an angle of 90 degrees and turn. For styling routine enough average speed and low temperature.

Wrap the head strand by strand is not yet dry all the hair. Stacking to form a uniform, strands should be the same size. After hair dryer, allow the hair to cool and gently correct laying of hands. To confirm the result. spray the hair lacquer strong hold. Even in humid weather styling with varnish will not disintegrate. To finish the hairstyle, put on your head headband, headband or armband. The individual strands let out so that it framed the face.

Use a flat iron for straightening and styling hair

The appearance of such inventions as the Styler or flat iron, makes life easier for many women with fluffy and curly hair. To start, apply evenly to the hair, thermo-active for protection from high temperatures. Then divide your hair into several levels: top, bottom, middle.

Lower and middle with hairpin clip away and begin to straighten the top hair running from the top of the head. Slide the flat iron from the roots to the tips. That styling was the most effective, capture the pad is not broad strands of hair. At a maximum temperature of slide pad a lock only once. At low temperature keep the pad slowly and held several times on one strand.

Before carrying out a pad lock comb it. Move from the nape to the face from both sides: a gradual transition from the upper strand to the middle and lower. Bangs lay last. After styling spray the hair lacquer or apply a special wax. With the help of a flat iron, you can get rid of excessive fluffiness of the hair, which is particularly apparent in rainy and inclement weather.