Determine how developed and strong are the muscles of the back of your child is not out his posture. To do this, ask him to do a simple exercise. Let him stand straight and pull forward hands. Watch how much he can stand. If the child will stay in this position for half a minute, the correct posture, the muscle corset is well developed. If less, it means the posture is weakened.
Check the quality of the mattress where your baby sleeps. The mattress should be firm enough. Cushion up to 3 years old baby does not need, or it should be flat. But with the first days and up to 4 months baby to lay on an orthopedic pillow.
Have your child observe the daily routine – regular mealtimes, walks on air, the alternation of employment and recreation, hardening.
Pick up a set of exercises taking into account the state of health of the child and the extent of his fitness, after consulting with a podiatrist. Keep classes caused easy fatigue, was done by hunting, and that the child understood their meaning. The breathing should be smooth, without delay and through the nose. Start with 15 minutes, gradually increasing the time to 40 minutes. Do first three times per week and subsequently daily. Executing a well-chosen set of exercises with a sufficient load develops the muscular corset, which is necessary for fast muscle growth.
Engage kids is a beautiful posture, even check it during the day, during class, on the walk. Ask him to observe the posture of his comrades in the kindergarten, together analyze.
Determine of the kid in the sports section. Doctors have recommended sports 4-5 years. Good strengthen back muscles the swimming, especially the breaststroke style. In addition, useful yoga classes, play sports (volleyball, basketball), skiing. Doing exercise for yourself, you will strengthen the child's interest in active and healthy lifestyle, it will help him to avoid many health problems.