Obvious is the fact that for the preparation of cake you will need two components – the dough and filling.
The dough can be flaky, yogurt, yeast (more lean for pies with savory and sweet filling for mince pies). It should be noted that it is not always for pies with sweet filling, use only butter and sweet dough. For example, neutral puff pastry very well with both salty and sweet fillings.
As for toppings, then there are opportunities for creativity. Savory pies can be made with meat, mushrooms, cabbage, potatoes, egg and green onions and etc Sweet – curd cheese, with jam, fresh berries or fruit. List all the options of toppings is simply impossible – there is practically every woman brings something different.
According to the method of cooking the pies are divided into roasted and grilled. Baked, respectively, are baked in the preheated oven on the baking sheet. Fried – fried in a pan.
So, with the classification figured out, now need to get the dough. How? There are several options:
• buy ready-made (now have a choice and yeast, and puff pastry);
• ask how it's done from an experienced female relatives (mothers, grandmothers, aunts) or friends and make the dough under their leadership;
• find the recipe online and make the most.
Choosing what kind of dough are you going to do, is to consider not only its taste, but also the cooking time. For example, yeast dough, especially if its preparation used dry quick yeast, and extruded, this should do it two or three times, which will take quite a long time.
If you decide to cook a recipe from books or the Internet, to begin with read the recipe. Prepare everything you need for the test products. Follow the sequence mentioned in the recipe operation – mix everything you need in the described sequence, let the dough stand for, if required. The first time the best of recipe not to retreat. In the future is my own experience and taste, you can make changes in the composition of the dough, and technology of the manufacturing process.
The dough is ready. Now it needs to roll out. If it is more dense puff pastry – can be thinner, the yeast is thicker. Then the dough should be cut into blanks for future pies. The dough can be cut into squares, circles, triangles, depending on the shape of the patties you are going to cook.
The next stage is filling. Putting it on the workpiece in small portions so that the edges of pies, it was easy to fold and take. The edges of pies carefully semipelite, otherwise, when you start to fry them or oven, all the stuffing will come out. Especially often loves to do sweet juicy filling, such as cherry with sugar or cheese. Give the pie the desired shape.
If the fried pies – pour into the pan with vegetable oil and preheat it. If you are going to bake cakes – lay out on a greased or parchment-covered baking sheet and place in preheated oven. Now just have to wait until your patties are ready, make sure they do not burn.