For screed mortar should be done with the thickness of about 20 millimeters. It should be laid under the floors, which in the future are covered by linoleum or tiles. Using this method, you can hide floor imperfections and also to give the desired slope to the cover, if it is planned by designers. Cement mortar to provide waterproofing, and with it formed a solid layer in a soft insulating layer.
In order to make the screed must be in designated proportions to mix cement, sand, and gravel. Watch for proportions. They depend on how strong the tie you want to get in the end. After it was produced by mixing the solid components in the composition, you need to pour the water. It should be between 10 to 25 percent by weight of cement. Cement mortars, which are used to fabricate the coupler, can be divided into heavy and light. The classification depends on the volumetric weight of the solution.
Before to prepare cement mortar for screeds, it is necessary to clearly determine the required strength parameters. At the latest it will be possible to choose water-cement ratio.
Note that over time, the screed will dry up, to shrink in size. Shrinkage will happen. This process cannot be prevented. You can only make expansion joints. They apply when the total area of screed is more than 30 square meters. After complete curing of mortar cement expansion joint can be eliminated.
Screed made of cement mortar, is grey. It has a noticeable rough surface. Please note that the use of cement screed, as well as other solutions, perhaps not more than two hours, after which their physical characteristics start to weaken.