You will need
  • brush for eyelashes;
  • - nourishing oils;
  • - a tool for removing eye make-up.
Pay more attention to the care of the eye area and removing makeup. If you wash off the makeup from the eyes with water and soap and know that it makes the eyelashes brittle and the skin dry and thin. To take care of the beauty and strength of your natural lashes, use only special means for removing make-up based on oils and light cream. The best option – mousse or moisturizing lotion. For removing waterproof mascara, use a biphasic solution with the oil and vitamins.
Regularly nourish your eyelashes with special natural oils. Very beneficial effect on the growth of peach, apricot, avocado and jojoba. If the situation allows, apply to the cilia of the fish oil. This mask nourishes them and provides a stimulating effect and enhances growth. Just don't overdo the fish oil a day, or before an important event – even very well cleaned, it can retain some odor.
Very good effect on the growth of eyelashes having a massage. If in your Arsenal is a good mascara with a soft brush, wait until it is finished, clean the brush from its remains and use for massage and application of nourishing masks. Comb the lashes once a day before bedtime, periodically combining this process with the application of oil or a special cream for growth and recovery.