You will need
  • - birth certificate or previous passport (if available);
  • - documents confirming the necessity of making changes in the passport (if available);
  • - photo 35 x 45 mm.;
  • - application for issuance of the passport;
  • receipt about payment of state duty.
Complete the application for issuing a passport. You can take it to the Department of the Federal migration service, passportdimensional table housing (depending on where you made contact on this issue in your area), download on the website of the regional FMS or the portal of state services or fill out and submit to the FMS on a named portal online.
Requisites for payment of registration fee can be found on the website of the regional FMS or learn in the Department of the FMS of his district, the passportof Mr. the table of the house management or branch of Sberbank of the Russian Federation. Payment can be made in cash at any Sberbank branch without a fee.
The fee is 200 or 500 p. in 2011, depending on the reasons. More if the passport is damaged through the fault of the owner or lost.
Photo "on the passport" you will do in any Studio is usually available and in a Central and residential areas, often within walking distance from work or home.
If necessary, attach a package of documents papers confirming the reason for the replacement passportand the damaged or having a foreign stamp the passport, documents on the change of name, gender, date of birth, etc.).With a full set of contact passportNY table of housing or the Department of the FMS (application for issuance of passportand can fill in by hand and directly on the spot, receiving the blank).If everything is in order, a new passport will be ready within 10 days for treatment at his residence. In other cases, the wait can take up to 4 months until you get the answers needed in these cases, the queries.