You will need
  • - a copy of the contract,
  • - copy of certificate of registration of right of ownership,
  • - copy of extract from the unified state register,
  • - a copy of the certificate of the investigation Department,
  • - copy of power of attorney, provided that the interests of buyers or seller by third parties
  • - copy of the payment document
  • - copy of receipt about payment of state duty.
In order to cancel the transaction, in either case, you need to file a lawsuit in court. To do this, write in the document the name of the court in which the claim is directed. Below give details of the claimant: name, first name, address, and contact information. Also write the data of the Respondent: surname, name, patronymic, address and contact details. Below should be listed third parties that do not claim independent demands, but are relevant to the conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale. For example, it may be the institution of registration of rights of ownership.
Below describe the issue, specify all the details of the transaction, number and date of drawing up of all documents, data of all participants. Be sure to refer to the legislation of the Russian Federation, if this is the place to be and is the basis for filing a lawsuit on your part.
At the end of the state the request about recognition of the contract of sale null and void. Enter the date of the signing of this agreement and its serial number. Make the application to a claim, which shall be copy of contract, certificate of registration of title, extracts from the unified state register, the reference of the investigative Department, powers of attorney, provided that the interests of buyers or seller by third parties, the payment document of the payment receipt of state duty.
Make a claim in three copies, one of which must be sent to the court, the second Respondent and the third remains with you with notes on the presentation of two other instances of their recipients. You can also send an application in the mail.
Please note that the deadline for filing a lawsuit is limited. If the transaction is void, you have three years to cancel the contract of sale. To annul a voidable transaction, you have only one year.