You will need
  • Documents of title to the apartment, a receipt for payment of the fee
Upon expiry of one month from the date of filing for registration on the unified state register of documents for the transfer of apartments the transaction is registered. The transfer of ownership has taken place. Get in the unified state register of title documents to the apartment.
Make a claim in court in two copies. The statement of the defendant, specify the former owner of your apartment. When making a claim please refer to paragraph 2 of article 292 of the civil code, the essence of which is that at the time of transfer of ownership to another person the right to use the apartment from the former owner and members of his family ceases.
Specify in the statement of claim the requirement to remove from registration of the former owner. Pay the fee for filing a lawsuit in court. Make copies of title documents for the apartment. All of the collected documents along with the claim provide to the district court at the location of the said apartment.
At the hearing the court will state its position on the case. Including let on that you are respectable purchaser of the apartment, and the validity of your copyright violations are challenged in court. Also note that in accordance with paragraph 2 of article 292 of the civil code the right of use of the former owner is terminated, therefore, he cannot continue to live in the apartment. The court will make the decision to withdraw the former landlord from the register.
Ten days later after the process is complete, take the office of the court entered into force court decision. Bring it to the district passport office with the passport and documents to the apartment. On the basis of these documents, the FMS will remove the former proprietor of the registration in your apartment.