You will need
  • Threads of several colors
  • Needles or hook
  • Scissors
The hardest striped scarfe is color change. For example, when knitting scarfand knitting you need to dial loop to a desired width and knit with one color. After the strip of that color is completed, at the end of the number you need to cross threads with the subsequent color, to postpone the tangle of the previous color and continue knitting on a different color.
If stripes scarfe out wide enough, we can cross threads of different colors every two rows, or use a broach on the side scarf. Then, to hide them, you can process the finished scarf rachi step.
If horizontal stripes are alternated across the large distance, the strips can be finished, cutting off the thread and gently inserting it in the subsequent knitting, changing colors of yarn. In the same way you can knit a scarf crocheting.
If your scarfe horizontal stripes, the shift of the thread occurs at the edge of the scarf. Threads of a different color just runs along and periodically engages in the closing the loop series. Subsequently, the thickening can be masked by the brushes, which are usually decorated scarfs.
For making fringe for scarf we need to take a piece of thread, fold in half and pull through the hook to the edge of the scarf. Then two loose ends of the thread extend through the loop and tighten. After this will only wash the scarf and steam it.