In the middle ages the round table was the most popular option of holding meetings – a well-known example of the famous king Arthur and his loyal knights. It is this organization of space allows the audience not to be distracted by thoughts of how to take a better place, and helps to ensure that all equally can voice their opinion and share ideas.

It is this equality that is provided by the holding of the meeting in the form of "round table" allows you to make the best decision, because the mental abilities are all present at the table directed specifically to this goal and not busy doing something else. In addition, in this form of the organization of space all are equal distance from each other, which means that everyone is equally involved in the process, in General the same for all business. If the meeting takes place in the usual table, the people sitting in the distance, you feel uncomfortable or simply refuse to take part in the discussion of any question, preferring simply to attend.

Currently, such events as round tables, this is a very common and popular phenomenon. This can be a conference or a meeting of shareholders of a larger organization, Symposium or seminar – this form of the conversation acceptable to the various options. At the round table the participants are equal, and therefore free to Express their views on a subject and have the same degree of responsibility in the decision-making process.

Therefore, in order that the decision was made thoughtfully and reasonably, you must create all the necessary conditions. Environment plays a particularly important role, especially if we are talking about important decisions. That is why, if you have to hold a round table, and your company does not have the necessary space, you can rent the necessary room for the event. Conduct a round table should be in a supportive comfortable environment, so many companies provide the opportunity to carry out a similar event in the best way.