You will need
  • Cell phone, a small screwdriver or a kitchen knife
Initially, you must switch off your mobile phone by clicking on the appropriate button on the device. After the phone is turned off, remove the rear cover and pull out the device battery. In fact, remove the battery, you just have to get a SIM card, then you can proceed to the next stage of disassembly of the phone.
On the device you will see the mounting screws of small size. To loosen you may need a small screwdriver, if the screwdriver of the right size are not in your possession, you can use it as the tip of a kitchen knife). However, before you start to release the body of the phone from screws, follow these simple, but at the same time, a rather important operation.
Take a sheet of paper and schematically indicate on it the locations of all the screws on the phone. Next, remove each screw, place it on an appropriate note in your plan. Once all screws are removed from the chassis, you will need to remove the panel from your mobile phone.
First remove the front panel. This is done by means of a connecting seam, which you can see on the perimeter of the entire face of the device. Just pull over the front panel, caught in the seam. As only the front part of the housing is removed, Unscrew the circuit from the rear panel and remove it. As in the previous case, you need to note the correct location of the bolts on the paper. This scheme will need reassembly mobile phone.