Purchase a set of colored gel pens – you'll need as a regular pen and pen metallic colors. Find suitable patterns for painting nails on the Internet and try to repeat them on paper, and then boldly move on to painting the nails.
Usually for painting , gel pens , suitable patterns of thin and fine lines – webs, intersecting stripes, and more. To start, cover the nail varnish of the desired color in two coats and wait until the varnish dries.
Without waiting for the final drying, take a gel pen and carefully repeat on the nail pattern you've chosen for the manicure. If a line is bad, you can quickly erase it and redraw the pattern again.
Additionally you can vary the pattern in silver or gold gel pens – this manicure will look spectacular and beautiful. Despite the limited palette of colors, you can create interesting painting on the nails, as even the most stylish patterns usually consist of no more than three basic colors.
Take turns to draw the pattern and its elements at each of its nails. A little dry the nails, then cover them with a colorless transparent varnish, which will enhance the figure and will not allow it to blur and smear.