Create a nail design in several ways. The most popular and widely known – painted paints.

List of tools and materials

To draw on the nails, best acrylic paints, water-based. First, the density of the paint that you define yourself. Second, they are easily washed with water if necessary, if the element failed. Thirdly, they can be purchased at any office supply store.

From tools, use a thin brush for drawing. For example, professional striper (thin long brush or a thin brush from the nail Polish. The last pre-need to clean out varnish in a special liquid and shampoo, to dry.

Will not be superfluous to buy a flat angled brush for nail art. It is good to draw some elements. For example, the body orange. If the area of the nail plate is not large, it is possible to do without this brush.

Additionally, you may need a palette for mixing paint to find the best consistency and color saturation. First strokes is recommended to do on a sheet of paper to put the hand, and a good squeeze brush.

Step-by-step technology

Decide on what exactly the fingernails will be located design. In the summer you can afford to do the painting on all the nails. In any other season just one or two fingers, decorated with citrus.

Consider composition, background and layout design. Impressive and stylish looks classic French with a painting of orange slices. No less impressive looks and the whole composition: a few different fruits on one nail.

Think in advance of how it will be painted orange: whole or in cut slices or triangles. Looks are the most profitable citrus in a cut or slice. Much less often and only as a Supplement tracings whole orange. For slices or rings will need three basic colors: orange, light yellow, white. The contour is better not to draw the black paint, and to allocate more saturated orange. The slice is fast: draw a semi-circle, fill it. Thin brush draw yellow paint streaks, bones. Contour highlight bright color.

Draw a circle or a thin flat angled brush. Fill it with orange paint. Let it dry thoroughly. Light yellow color draw veins from center to edge of orange. They don't have to be perfectly smooth and clear. Let them dry out. Mark the outline of picture juicy orange. The finished design needs to dry. You can then cover with varnish or ultra-gloss.