To make the playing field is not difficult, this will need drawing paper or piece of cardboard on which to draw looped field is the same as in any other Board game.
Experienced players can make more complex field, with lots of moves and options. However both those and others should consider the many options of the transfer pieces in different places of the field, that all players were on the same path. Multiple options makes the game longer and more interesting, though more difficult in terms of tactics and strategy.
You will need to mark the field, marking every cell and draw a lot of cards with names of companies, prices and rents.
For game is now will only need dice and chips. Money can also draw or just take a regular small bills, if the other players agree, you can not use the bills, and keep score on a piece.
If you do not want to paint the big common field, you can do easier and limited only by card companies and arrows then will simply need to lay them on a flat surface, laying out the playing field.
The main advantage of the game only the cards that you can change the playing field and create new versions of the game.
Spatial field and changing as the game progresses the rules is what gives the game a special flair. Moreover, the game of monopoly is almost endless, you rarely play it to the end, even after spending a few hours, so better to spend the time and make monopoly your own hands to get from the game double the fun.