You will need
  • Products, home decorations, birthday cake, festive disposable tablecloth and utensils, gifts for birthday, gifts for the guests
As already mentioned, the main birthday of your child is a gift. But with this, any parent can handle easily. It is much harder to figure out how to entertain a crowd of children without loss. First decorate the room, which will be a holiday. Balloons, ribbons, festive streamers – all perfect for creating a cheerful interior.
Plan a festive menu and decorate the table. For this fit cocktail umbrellas, bright skewers for canapes (if children are very small and will not be able to get hurt). And, of course, colorful disposable tableware and paper tablecloths. It is sold in stores with a festive paraphernalia.
As for the food, for a children's party to prepare, for example, children's sandwiches with the image of the faces of the products, salads, pancakes with fillings. Sweet – fruit, jelly and ice cream. And most importantly - cake! Children rarely sit at a table at the festival, they like to run and play, so don't cook your food like an adult celebration.
Think of the concept of the holiday. This can be a simple quiz, competitions for children are easy to find in unlimited quantities. But you can prepare for the holiday more thoroughly and give children a real themed Birthday party. Surely your child enjoys or is interested in something. If the top interests headed by Harry Potter and his comrades, make your apartment Hogwarts. If your daughter likes the heroine of the series "Winx Club", help her with the outfit and the theme of the evening select the appropriate.
The main thing on a children's party – games and fun. See how give their children the holidays other moms ( Maybe you can find a lot of interesting ideas and only implement them for your child. You can only add that small gifts are prepared for younger guests. After all, Birthday gifts are nice to receive not only birthday.