Turquoise is the color that suits this role like no other. Vivid detail, be it a lamp or pillow, made in turquoise, not only attract attention, but refresh and deepen the interiors. The turquoise colour of the sea, the côte d'azur, it is in the minds he will always be associated with clean aromas, sea surface and nice dynamics.

This color is playful and cold from the interior to the interior changes its purpose. Previously, its full use has been a typical solution for this style as the French Provence, where turquoise is usually chosen to paint the wooden kitchen furniture. It gave the room a slightly airy, casual look and made a comfortable and natural for cooking.

In recent years, in the foreground, the use of turquoise in the "Turkish" interiors as the cold spot, emphasizing the bright and welcoming" character.

Thus, from the colors intended for the detailing of the room, contrasting bright spots, turquoise is transformed into the background, leading the main party in the filling room.

Erased stylistic colouring, and in the first place is the versatility of turquoise, the deepest shades, which primarily reflect the artistic intent of the author.