You will need
  • Computer, Internet access.
Access recovery via e-mail. If an attacker has captured information to log into icq, it does not mean that he hacked into the mailbox, which was registered on your account. Faced with the "hijacking" of ICQ, first go to the mail. If access to email is lost, change her password and continue to the next step.
Restoring access. Open the program by clicking the icon on the desktop. As soon as the authorisation in the e-mail field enter the email address that you have registered your account. In the password field, type your old password. If the account sign-in does not happen, go to restore access to icq.
In the space provided you need to specify the email address you entered under user registration. Click "Restore". You may have to answer certain questions system password recovery. After you confirm the password reset e-mail will receive a letter which will contain instructions for further action or a new password.
Log in under new password. Using the program interface, change the password to your option. When assigning a password, you need to consider not only numbers but also letters in lower and uppercase, for example: Y7nGb0H3d. Such a password is almost impossible to pick up. Thus, you can protect your account from further hacking.