Sufficient light is One of the main promoters of flowering violets is light. For intense flowering plants it is necessary to provide violet light day every day. As in winter, the light in the room is not enough, you can use additional lighting in the form of fluorescent lamps cold light. It is desirable to turn on and off always at the same time. Proper watering is Another secret of the blossom lies in the proper watering, in which the earth stays in a pot all the time not wet and humid. As soon as the buds begin to rise above the leaves, they become very susceptible to changing growing conditions, and if the plant retain moisture, the buds may dry up. Well, waterlogged plants may lead to rotting of the flower and the root system. Fertilizers Depleted violets don't look very attractive. That's why it's important to remember to fertilize the plant. Preference should be given fertilizers with a high content of phosphorus, which strengthens the roots of the plants. Moist air Violets will bloom better if you provide good humidity. The buds of this plant are very delicate, if the air is dry, can be very slow to open or even dry. Flowering plants are particularly susceptible to humidity. Protection of the Main enemies of violets: thrips, mealybug and mite tsiklamenovy. The first quarantine object can be detected if you shake the flower. The second feeds on the SAP of plants, not allowing them to blossom in full force. And tsiklamenovy tick is determined by the compacted socket and small deformed flowers. But excessive moisture and lack of air circulation violets can affect powdery mildew, prisypaya flowers, like flour. It is very important to timely detect these malicious companions and treat violet special tools.