It is desirable to feed the violets in the spring and summer. Moreover, there is a simple rule - fertilize only healthy plants, this should be done immediately after watering. Saintpaulia Terry varieties are fed every 10 days, and the single every two weeks. The concentration of the solution for feeding should be no more than 0.4-0.7 g of fertilizer per liter of water is approximately twice weaker than for other plants. Over the summer, violets can be fed mullein, taking a liter of water 200-300 g of manure. There you can add copper sulfate, about grams. If fed bird droppings, then take it to 10 l of water 50 g With violets better for underfeeding, than to feed extra. To violet was stronger and bloom better, you can use the "Appin" by dissolving one vial in 5 l of water. This solution is possible not only to irrigate the land, but also to spray the plants, spray a very small nozzle. Violets like moist air, but the cold drops on leaves can cause disease.
In order to achieve a gorgeous flowering violets, experienced growers recommend the use of potassium fertilizer. To obtain a lush rosette of large leaves and many children apply fertilizers on the basis of nitrogen. Speed up the flowering also, and phosphate feeding, especially in combination with the increase of temperature and increase of light. For commonly used special fluorescent lamp red spectrum. And to delay flowering, for example, in connection with a specific date, you can, if you put a violet in the cooler atmosphere, by lighting the lamp by taking the blue or the light of day. Some experiments have shown that violet can feed two times less than is recommended, or not fed at all, and instead, often transplanted into a new soil, getting excellent results of growth and flowering. Which way would be best to say in advance is impossible, as each collector has their own preferences.
You should also remember that absolutely different will to respond to feeding violet, growing on a shelf with lights, and violet, standing on the windowsill. Humidity, temperature and lighting is still slightly differ in different apartments, so the optimal method of fertilizing and feeding every grower needs to find out empirically. Experienced growers noted an interesting effect that can give foliar feeding (spraying): leaf of such violets very quickly lose the ability to rooting. In all attempts to propagate this kind of violet leaves, they just die.